When a form passes all the automated tests, it's ready for manual testing by human testers. Testers should check each of the OpenTaxForms services:

  1. Are the checkboxes and text fields all outlined in orange? Do the text fields all offer the user adequate space for the information requested? Do any fields overlap?

    • missing field: simply draw the missing box.
    • spurious or overlapping fields: draw a bigger box around the problem (or as close as possible) with the comment 'spurious' or 'overlap'.
  2. Do the links lead to the appropriate forms? Are all mentions of (external) forms linked? Should any links just not be?

    • draw a box around the error and put 'link' in the comment.
  3. Are the math formulas correct (mouseover to see the formula)? Are any formulas missing (false negative) or spurious (false positive)?

    • draw a box around the error and put 'math' in the comment; optionally add the corrected formula or describe the error if it's not obvious.

Test status

(here will be a graphic showing progress in testing the forms--for now see 1040 status page.)

[Start Testing (link to the next form that needs testing)]