• Alpha! meaning not even Beta yet!

    The forms here are not ready for use! They may lose or scramble the information that took you so long to enter! Please consider testing or developing to help us produce usable forms. Forms will be tested and become available for use starting from the 1040's (1040, 1040A, 1040EZ) out toward the forms mentioned in the 1040's, then the forms they in turn mention, etc. As forms begin to emerge from the testing process, users will be notified.

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  • Privacy

    With OpenTaxForms, your form entries never leave your browser. No third party (including ever sees your entries. OpenTaxForms will:

    • store your tax information in your own browser (on your computer),
    • allow you to print the completed forms from your browser,
    • offer a way to summarize and restore your entries.

    This means that you are responsible for saving your tax information (see backups).

  • No e-file!

    OpenTaxForms does .not. offer e-file. Using OpenTaxForms means that you will print your filled-out tax forms and send the paper forms to the IRS. This primitive system does have one big advantage: privacy (see above). Only you and the IRS, no third party, sees your information.

For more details, see my talk. The first 12-15 slides are non-technical and explain my motivation for creating this software.